We are working with an increasing number of start-up companies who have an idea and need to bring it to market. We normally discuss the idea fully, be creative with our ideas and bring additional advice to the party.

Ideas will typically go through several stages, beginning with a proof of concept or Minimum Viable Product or MVP. The MVP is normally a beta version of the product but enables the idea to be launched without the added expense of having a completed product developed from scratch. If required, the MVP can be used to seek further investment to fund the project and take it from an idea to a start-up business.

We work with you through the Consultancy, Planning and Delivery phases of your project to help make your idea a reality.

MVP’s come in many forms including mobile apps, websites and website applications. Due to the nature of the MVP’s confidentiality is of high importance as such we are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) prior to any discussion.

We have several MVP’s in production, but they are under an NDA so sorry, shhh! we cannot talk about them until they are launched, however below are a couple of examples of MVP’s that are live:


MPlus SS

Ansta developed a new football matchday raffle system for MatchPlay Entertainment. Working with them from the very beginning of the project, we were involved in the consultation and planning of the project right through design and development to go-live, with future support also in place as the system continues to grow.

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Polocode Screenshot

Polocode is a mobile app that helps pinpoint a user’s exact location rather than relying on post codes. It was developed with the attention of making easier to find an individual using a unique "Polocode" that is specific to each user.

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Our Best Price


Our Best Price is a different take on an eCommerce system that gives manufactures control over the value of their brand, whilst selling their products in retail outlets.

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