"Movac are one of the largest independent UK based coatings suppliers with 3 divisions serving the Automotive, Wood and Industrial markets. They supply premium brand paints and associated products, plus outstanding quality service, ensuring their customers have a real choice based on performance, longevity and value."

The Problem

Movac, who have long been supplying paint and associated products to the trade around the UK, approached Ansta to build them an eCommerce system which would allow them to sell their products directly to customers online. They operate on a "Trade Only" basis and, until now, have conducted all sales face-to-face or over the phone.

In order to maximise their business potential and in light of more and more small to medium sized businesses going online, they needed a way to be able to sell products directly through their website.

The Solution

Using our proprietary CMS system, Ansta initially produced a website for their automotive consumables division, which sells everything from abrasives and bodyfiller to cloths and sealants.

The design of the website had to remain in line with the design of their corporate website, following the same styles, fonts and colours where possible. We presented Movac with two versions of the design for this website; one following these guidelines and one using a little more creative freedom, so that they could compare the two and decide which route to go down.

Products are broken up into different categories and can be searched for by name or product ID, making it easy for customers to find the product they are looking for. Products can have multiple images, which are displayed in a gallery on the product page and can have variants, which are used to list things such as different sizes or types of a product which may have different prices.

The checkout process is simple and easy to use, allowing users to find the item they are after and purchase it directly with the minimum of fuss.

After the original "Movac Shop" website had gone live, the client asked us to copy and re-skin it to create "Wood Finish Coatings", focusing on a different aspect of their business. This separate standalone website works almost identically to the Movac Shop, but is themed specifically to this side of the company with the predominantly red style being replaced by blue.

Movac preview

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