Joules are one of the UK's best loved clothing brands. With around 100 stores nationwide, they are widely recognised for their unique and high-quality clothing and accessories. Starting from humble beginning over 25 years ago, Joules has grown to have a major high street presence - both with its own stores and as a feature in shops such as John Lewis and Next.

Click & Collect Solution

Joules CNC

The Problem

With increasing numbers of shoppers going online to buy their clothes, Joules needed a click & collect system which would allow their loyal customers to browse and purchase items online from the comfort of their own homes and pick them up in-store at their convenience.

The Solution

Ansta were initially tasked with building the store-facing side of a system that would allow stores to manage click & collect orders, booking them in on arrival at the store and marking them as either "Collected" or "No Show". This system needed to be easy and intuitive for the shop staff to use and had to integrate seamlessly with the company's other systems for a smooth transition. They already had an eCommerce store and logistics / warehouse system, the click and collect solution talked to both via API's created by Ansta that added a new layer of logistics. The click and collect solution enables notification of products shipped from the warehouse to the store that in turn notifies the end customer once booked in ready for collection.

Trade Ordering System

Joules Trade

In addition to the click & collect solution, Ansta were also asked to create a trade ordering system for Joules. The purpose of this system was to allow stockists to order items from their sales agents at Joules at wholesale prices and have them delivered to their location in order to sell on to the public.

The Problem

The sales agents utilised a very large Excel spreadsheet that needed to be sent from head office with any new products, product variant and updated prices. The Excel spreadsheet had multiple macros that were temparemental. Once the sales agent took an order it was emailed to head office for processing manually the whole process was clunky and needed to be streamlined.

The Solution

The trade ordering system was developed as a web based application that was updated via head office and products, prices etc was up-to-date once the agent logged in. The system had previous orders and customer details resulting in a considerably easier solution for all the sales agents with minimum training required.

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