Ali Bongo is a Norwich-based 'Head Shop' specialising in the sale of seeds and various other miscellaneous items.

They approached Ansta to create an eCommerce system for them, which would allow them to reach a wider audience with their products. Using our proprietary CMS system, we built a complex and advanced solution featuring an array of bespoke functionality to help them achieve this goal.

With almost 7000 products on the website, a comprehensive filtering system was a must and users can narrow down their results using a range of different metas, including price, category, manufacturer, type and much more.

Products themselves can have any number of variations, from colour to pack size and a thorough range of promotions means that a detailed discount system also had to be built.

Ali Bongo now have a large number of customers around the world and due to the nature of their business, Ansta have had to integrate with a number of different payment gateways and providers in order to allow them to fullfill their global demand - they even accept Bitcoin!

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