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Google Analytics (or indeed any other analytics provider) is a powerful tool that is often underutilised. We all love to see how many people are gracing our website, but GA provides an incredible level of detail beyond these basic visitor stats that are easy to ignore, but that can help drive business through the site.

There are a range of well-known and well used metrics such as user location, device type, operating system and browser, but there is also a whole world of undiscovered information available via custom reports. We are talking everything from “Document load time” and “Average order value” (eCommerce) to “Publisher revenue” and “Total unique searches”.

All this and much more, is tucked away under Customisation > Custom Reports, an area of GA that lets you assemble truly bespoke and useful filters to get the data that really matters to you. There are over 300 pre-defined metric groups and countless dimensions by which to measure them, meaning you can create some pretty advanced queries, if you know what you’re doing.

There’s so much you can do here that some research and further reading would certainly be advisable to get a good grip on how it all works, but today I wanted to cover one useful (and fairly basic) custom report that I use regularly, including when posting this very post.

If you write blog or news posts, or like to update website visitors with up-to-date information through social media, then understanding the best times to do so helps ensure maximum exposure and engagement and can help drive traffic where you want it.

Using Google Analytics’ custom reports, you can create reports that filter your traffic by days of the week or time of the day, giving you the data you need to reach as many people as possible and utilise the increased visibility to improve engagement.

You can read how to create a custom report to show visits by time (hourly) over on our support database via the link below:

Time based custom reports in Google Anayltics


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