Jack Dunhill 01/08/2017 Ansta,

Ensuring that communication is maintained between all members of a business can be difficult. Many forms are simply not professional, and link to personal accounts (such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger), which can create many issues when networking between professionals. So is there a better platform?


This is where Slack comes in. Slack is a business messaging service that allows members of a company to interact with messages, photos, videos and just about everything else, whilst being entirely separate from other social media channels. However, what make Slack so unique to businesses is the different apps within the software that you can use to streamline business interactions. Upload files, call other users, and create many different channels for different purposes - Slack gives far more professionally-orientated options than other channels.


In light of this, we decided to give you a brief introduction to Slack so that you may utilise it for your business. We will cover the basics, but with a small bit of exploring you will know the ins-and-outs of Slack very quickly.

Starting Out

Firstly, you will need to register an email address. It will then be verified, and ask you whether you wish to create a channel, or join an existing one. If you are joining a preexisting channel, you will require an invite from someone that is already a member - which will arrive in your email inbox. However, if you wish to create a channel for your business, then proceed through that option.


Now Slack will ask you a number of questions about yourself and your business (don’t worry, it’s nothing too personal). It will then ask your business name, and create a URL for your new channel. You will use this in inviting new members to the channel. Congratulations - your channel is now live!

Navigating Slack

Now that you are online, whether it is as part of your channel or another’s, you can begin interacting with other users. You can create message channels with individuals or groups, similar to other social media channels, or you can download apps through the apps option such as GIPHY, Twitter, Google Drive and many more. On the left of the screen are all the groups you are a member of - separated into channels for messages to multiple people, and direct messages for individuals. The user interface itself is very simple, and requires little time to become accustomed to it.

Slack will not send you notifications by default with some browsers, as they must be enabled in your browser settings.


Not only is it great as a desktop messenger, Slack is now available as an application for mobile. This makes it incredibly convenient in many situations - so much so, we at Ansta use it to communicate not only within our team, but between customers. It provides an easy pathway between us and any customers that wish to contact us, lessening the need for emails and dramatically speeding up interaction.


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