WordPress Development

WordPress, Drupal and other Open Source Development

Nearly 20%* of ALL websites use WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source content managed solution and blogging tool utilising a templated structure. WordPress is the most popular content management solution available.

WordPress 3.4.1 

WordPress Deployment, Development & Customisation

We have extensive knowledge building with WordPress which enables us to create any kind of customisation you can think of. We can tailor a WordPress installation to meet your exact requirements.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Whilst there are a variety of free/premium themes and plugins available all over the internet we have the ability to create something a bit more customised and completely built from scratch to suit your brand or business.

WordPress Updates

We'll ensure that nothing will suddenly break when it comes to updating WordPress. We have developed our own WordPress framework to ensure everything stays within the standards which WordPress provide.

WordPress Security

We go a step further to ensure your new website built with WordPress is secure as possible. We take a various amount of steps to ensure your WordPress installation is free from spam, malicious attacks and site hacks. Our ongoing service level agreement is a great choice if planning to use an open source solution, we'll ensure everything is kept up to date and operating smoothly.

What about the other open source solutions?

Drupal, Magento, Joomla etc, these are all open source and if that is your preferred solution, we can develop your website as you wish!

...do you do bespoke solutions?

The answer is yes. If you want something which is completely unique to your business and crafted to your exact needs, this is your best option. Take a look at our Content Managed Solution for more info.



*Correct at September 2013.  

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